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Top 10 Best Kitchen Hacks And Recipes That Are Totally Easy To Do!


Every day we find new and exciting ways to mix up our daily routines. So what better way to do that than by trying something new with our food? Cooking and preparing food can become boring or repetitive, so let’s shake it up. Combining two of your favorite things or finding an easier way to do something in the kitchen never gets old. So why not experiment a bit?

It’s very simple, don’t worry. We all love food and we all love hacks. Mix these two together and you will have amazing results. Here are 10 amazing food hacks you can do at home.

Store bought fries don’t taste as good as homemade ones. At the same time cutting your own fries can be time consuming and difficult. We have a solution for that: Use an apple cutter/corer to quickly cut up your potatoes! Just make sure to wash and boil them first. Then season as desired and pop them in the oven on a baking sheet.
Nutella hazelnut chocolate spread fever is sweeping the nation and new recipes pop up every day to make the most of it. But what about the inevitable leftover that gets stuck to the sides of the jar? You don’t want to just throw it out, so why not drink it instead? Heat up enough milk to almost fill the jar and pour it in. Screw the lid back on and shake vigorously; be careful not to burn yourself. Open the jar to let some steam out and repeat until all the spread is mixed. Now it’s time to enjoy your Nutella hot cocoa! Drink it right from the jar or pour into a mug.

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