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Top 10 Bollywood Actresses Who Were Pregnant Before Marriage

It’s nothing unusual for the celebrities to get pregnant before marriage. Especially in Hollywood, this is very common. However, in India, although it’s legal according to the law, it is considered  a taboo. Young unmarried couples are facing a lot of challenges.
People believe that having a baby before getting married brings shame on the entire family. But many of the famous actresses from the Hindi language film industry are breaking this stereotype. They are becoming role models and inspiration for other future moms.
Here is a list of ten fantastic Bollywood actresses who tied the knot with big bellies.
1. Sridevi proudly acknowledged that she was pregnant before her marriage. She is one of the greatest Bollywood celebrities ever.
2. Konkona Sen got married with her long time love Ranveer Shorey in a private ceremony in 2010.
3. Sarika was one of the bravest, and she dared to have a love child with Kamal Hassan.
4. Celina Jaitley – Miss India Universe had twin sons just a few months after she got married to Peter Haag.
5. Amrita Arora was heavily pregnant when she got married with  Shakeel Ladak.
6. Mahima Chaudhary married her boyfriend, architect Bobby Mukherjee. The local news reported she was pregnant.
7. Veena Malik got pregnant with her ex, and she tied the knot in a rush.
8. Jessica Hines was pregnant by the performing artist Aamir Khan.
9.  Mona Ambegaonkar was pregnant before she married Dayanand Shetty.
10. Neena Gupta raised her daughter Masaba as a single parent.

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