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Top 10: Celebrities Who Can’t Dress


We can’t have someone trash-talk Lady Gaga’s style because of this post here. And while we stand by that, there are some questionable style choices in this video by The Talko.

From Mickey Rourke, to Cher and Marylin Manson, there are combinations that will make you question fashion altogether. We are aware that personal stylists, or the money for hiring them is not an issue for these celebrities. So why, for the lack of a  better word, these avantgarde choices?

They can afford the best style, so basically, all we have left is to stay in awe at these people’s persistance in maintaining their style. Okay, we can’t easily forget the all-denim couple outfit Britney wore with Justin (now THAT was a nightmare), but is it really unexpected from Marylin Manson to look like he shops at Hot Topic?


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