These Were The Top 10 Fashion Trends That Ruled The World In 2017

As we are counting the last days of 2017, let’s stop and take a look back at the fashion world and the trends we left behind. Maybe even the ones some of us still follow. There were some trends that have been repeated from the year before.


However, some of the trends are here to stay the following year too. Scroll down to see which trends left a big imprint the soon-to-be- last year, courtesy of ia.meaww.

1. Athleisure

Let’s face it this might be a never-ending trend. The Rude boy singer, RiRi and Kylie Janner where just two of the many celebrities that have been spotted wearing side-striped pants and the jackets that look like they’re going to a sports match.

Kylie Jenner’s Instagram post confirms that.


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Rihanna was seen in track pants and a hoodie so frequently.

She also designed a fabulous line for Puma.


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2. Shirting Differently

This one was so cool and badass. Plus, it is such a wearable and acceptable trend.


Chrissy T. (Source: Pinterest)

It gave an amazing and different way of life to the old shirts.

 (Source: Getty Images)

It was seen on the runways too.


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3. Gingham

Many models and celebrities this year have chosen the checkered pattern.

Emily Ratajkowski Channels Brigitte Bardot in an amazing gingham mini dress.


 (Source: Pinterest)

The trend made it to the VS too. Karlie Kloss rocking this gingham wing.


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4. Dad Inspired Sneakers

Balenciaga and Stella Mc Cartney were only two among the many brands that chose the dad inspired sneakers. They are so cool and also, pretty popular among the celebrities. You could still get some if you haven’t yet. This might be the one trend to stay.


 (Source: Getty Images)

Balenciaga awesome runners.


 (Source: Pinterest)

5. The 80’s Glam

What if you can just bring some clothes out of the back of the closet and call them vintage? You could’ve done so this year. In 2017, the frayed hems, puffed up ruffles and over the top layers rocked on the runways.

(Source: Getty Images)

Emma Roberts did so, too.


 (Source: Pinterest)

6. Over the top earrings

Just when you might think that the minimalistic trend is back. These enormous, flamingo-sized earrings ruled this year.


(Source: Getty Images)

Also seen on the Givenchy runway.


 (Source: Getty Images)

7. Glitterati and see-through boots

All the boots that are glittery and plastic were openly embraced and accepted this year.

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RiRi always so fashionable, of course, rocking the boots.

(Source: Pinterest)

8. Tie back tops

This one was definitely a huge hit that many people embraced. Simply, tying your shirt at the back can make that amazing difference and refresh the boring and dull blouses.

 (Source: Pinterest)

Perfect and cool for the summer.

 Source: Pinterest

9. Fanny packs

Who would say that the funny and weird fanny pack will take over runaways, fashion blogs, street styles and become a huge trend this year?


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Well, it’s so functional, right?


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Fergie looking simply cool and Fergalicious.



 (Source: Pinterest)

10. The one-shoulder

Last, but not least. This trend was also pretty accepted and hot this year.


 (Source: Pinterest)

This one’s excellent.


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The Saint Laurent runway had a pretty exaggerated shoulder top.


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Source: ia.meaww