Top 10 Hair Transformations – Professional Hairstylists Edition

hair transformation

‘Tis the season for hoodies, raincoats, Uggs and, let’s face it – you wore your hair in a bun enough this summer, and it’s time for a new do!

We have here an inspirational video that you can show to your regular hairstylist, or you can use it to try something yourself if you feel confident and are creative. Some of these take magical hands though, I mean, look at that first one!

Do you sometimes dream that you’re capable of doing magic with your hair, and having it look fantastic even when you’re in your pajamas? Some of these don’t even require more than several minutes, and in the end, it’s simply fun and awe-inspiring to watch how great hair can look with just a few swooshes by regular, human hands.

Which one’s your favorite? Which one would you try? Make sure to tell us in the comments!


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