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Top 10 List: Celebrity Conspiracy Theories


What do you mean Beyonce and Solange are mother and daughter?

Okay, people love conspiracy theories. Being a conspiracy theorist is even a thing right now. And yes, we’re used to hearing conspiracy theories about politics, history and aliens, but celebrities, really?

Nevertheless, people who love this discipline have dipped their feet into this field as well. So naturally, there will be claims like Princess Diana being alive, or that the CIA poisoned Bob Marley.

And like the narrator in’s video says, if you’re a celebrity, chances are, someone, somewhere thinks you have something to hide.

Like, for example, that you’re not the recent teenager – singer/songwriter Lorde, but you’re the deceiving 45-year-old singer/songwriter Lorde. Hell, she may even be Randy Marsh from South Park, who knows?

Enjoy the video, it might be the most fun you’ve had all day. Do you have a conspiracy theory to share?


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