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Top 12 Secrets About Brides On ‘Say Yes To The Dress’


Do you get stuck in front of the TV at night watching these intriguing shows on TLC? TLC is an excellent program where you can watch all the strange, crazy, as well as totally ordinary things people do every day. TLC shows are so addictive that you don’t even need a good night’s sleep anymore. How many times have you cried watching “Say Yes To The Dress”? These wedding shows first aired on October 12, 2007, on TLC, and is still a massively addictive for many viewers around the world. Why? Well, because it just might make you melt to see all that happiness and tears. Brides may look stunning, but there is more to that. These wives-to-be have to work hard and follow strict rules to get the maximum out of the show.




More than 250 professionals, most of them veterans from the shop’s early days in Brooklyn, really try to make a bride’s experience unforgettable.



Source: Randy Fenoli

It all happens inside Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan, where you can see fashion makeovers and a little bit of family session, too.


Source: The Odyssey

All this seems like a fairytale for the future bride, but is it indeed so?


Source: TMZ

What is happening on “Say Yes To The Dress”?

1. When you enter the salon, you have to give up your purse and cellphone.


Source: Daily Mail

2. You and your guests are not allowed to wear pink because it will make you blend in with the background when you film the confessionals.

And it would not look lovely.


Source: YouTube | TLC

You wouldn’t want to end up like this.



3. You need to fill out the long application form, submit a photo, and reveal your wedding date, ceremony and reception location. Be prepared for some action!

Well, it makes sense.



That’s not all! You also have to tell them who will be paying for the gown. The options are – yourself, parent(s), relative, fiancé or friend.


Source: Pinterest | Jessica Lynn

4. You also have to be okay with having a background check done on you.

Yeah, these are expensive dresses.


Source:She Does the City

No coupons here, sorry!


5. Your consultant will also show you dresses from the Pnina Tornai brand every time, as you might have noticed in the episodes.


Source: Tumblr | pninatornai

6. You must be punctual! If you aren’t at the salon at exactly that time, you’re out!

Respect them so they can respect you.


Source: TLC

7. There are multiple rooms and the dresses are arranged by price range. There’s also a super secret room called the “half-price room.”

Everything is 50% off but might be damaged, so you have to buy it as it is! Oh, Heaven!


Source:Huffington Post

8. Brides are instructed to look into the mirrors when speaking instead of turning around and talking to the guests.

Guests can only speak to the bride via the mirror too! This needs practice, I assume.



9. If the bride doesn’t have a good reaction to the dress she’s saying yes to, the crew will film more and more until they get it perfect.


Source: YouTube | TLC

The audience needs to experience this, too!


10. The shop is actually REALLY small!

They use clever angles and stuff to make the shop look bigger than it actually is.


Source: Bride to Bride boutique

10. Your consultant is picked for you, and it’s not random!

Did you know that if you are blonde with an accent, they’re going to choose a brunette without an accent to be your consultant? They want visual and tonal differences to add spice and variety to the camera. Sounds fun!


Source: New York Times

11. They have to undress in front of the camera person.

In the changing room, they undress with the consultant and the camera person. Luckily for the brides, it’s usually women who operate the cameras.


Source: The List

12. Alcohol is a no-no at Kleinfeld.

I guess when the bride and her party are celebrating and drinking “champagne,” they’re just drinking apple juice!


Source: Washingtonian

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