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Top Ten Celebrity Diets And Fitness Regimens

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January is almost gone – how did that happen so quickly? And believe it or not, summer will be here in no time and you need to start thinking about your fitness. There are loads of little changes that you can start making. Healthy food choices, water and a bit of exercise can all contribute to a healthier lifestyle. You just have to be committed, and remember to start again if you slip up.

Although it seems like you have plenty of time, there’s never a better time than right now! According to Murphy’s Law the slower you are in shedding excess weight, the sooner summer arrives!

To help you, we’ve compiled the 10 best celebrity diet & fitness routines. Stick with the best, kid, and you’ll be alright.

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1.Selena Gomez

The singer always downs a glass of green juice with carrots, kale and ginger before a show. According to Hollywood Life, she also always takes pilates classes when touring. Seems like it’s paying off!

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2. Lea Michele

Lea Michele likes to spin! After she’s done with a 45-minute spinning class, she reportedly has 500 calories less. She revealed to Us Weekly that nothing has benefited her abdominal muscles as much as spinning classes have.

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3. Gigi Hadid

Rob Piela, the owner of Gotham Gym, is Gigi Hadid’s personal trainer. He always makes her jump rope for half an hour – resulting in the burning of 375 calories. Then he makes Gigi do a plank in order to “hit the transverse abdominals,” he told Us Weekly.

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4. Bella Hadid

Gigi’s sister Bella keeps it old-school and simple: she prefers running and she also likes her green juice.

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5. Kate Hudson

For four days every week, Kate combines pilates, strength training and dancing classes.

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6. Carrie Underwood

In addition to following a strict vegan diet, the pretty singer works out for an hour-and-a-half six days a week. Such determination!

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7. Shakira

Anna Kaiser, Shakira’s personal trainer claims one simple excercise is all you need for a perfect backside:

“Lie on the ground with knees bent and feet flat, then lift your hips so you’re in a bridge position. Extend the right leg toward the ceiling, then pulse up with the left side of your butt. Do for a minute, then switch legs.”

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8.Ellie Goulding

Prince Harry’s reported romantic interest takes regular gymnastics classes. Additionally she does boxing and boot camp regimens:

“It’s just a really good way to keep fit because you’re constantly having to engage your core. And it’s fun!” she told Us.

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9. Jennifer Garner

Simone De La Rue, Jennifer’s trainer, has revealed a little of what she makes the Texan actress do during their sessions:

“Start in a plank with a towel under your right foot. Slide your right leg to your right shoulder. Do 10 reps, then repeat on the left side.”

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10. Jessica Alba

Jessica wouldn’t reveal anything from her diet or excercise routines except that she always drinks “a gallon of water a day”.


Here she is in front of some Burger King logos…

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Source: Hollywood Life

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