Top Ten Feet Hacks You Should Learn To Improve Your Life

Top Ten Feet Hacks You Should Learn To Improve Your Life


Ever think of your feet? Of course you don’t, you’re only ever thinking about yourself. Jokes aside though, your feet are amazing body parts, and you can take so much better care of them.

But oh, if you only knew HOW. Well, learning how to treat your feet right, and pull off all kinds of useful stuff with them (or around them) is today’s lesson. Thanks to Top10HomeRemedies, today we’re bringing you the Top Ten Foot Hacks.

The contents of today’s lesson:


Well, enough of this useless jibber-jabber, it’s time to put our foot down!

1. Have trouble falling asleep? Slip your foot out of the blanket.



It should work, at least in theory. According to a study published in the American Journal of Physiology, higher body temperatures are associated with alertness, so it’s helpful to cool down a bit if you want to sleep. Well, time to test the science!

2. Use a hair dryer to break-in new shoes


Man, that feels nice and comfy!

3. Getting blisters? Use deodorant or petroleum jelly.


That abrasiveness of your beloved shoes? GONE. Personally, I’ve tried the deodorant thing, and for me, it really works. Suddenly, your feet don’t burn as much after hours of walking in them. A small reduction of friction can do wonders.

4. Need a foot massage, like right now? Use a tennis ball!


Cheap and can be carried with you anywhere you go. One of the best hacks, ever!

5. If you’re experiencing pain, try taping your toes together


This is especially a problem with shoes with pointy ends. See, the tightness at the front of the shoe rubs your toes together, which in turn aggravates a specific nerve in the foot. Taping the toes together ensures that the toes wiggle less – the nerve endings are resting more – which in turn leads to, you guessed it, less pain. We should all thanks ballerinas for this – they invented it.

6. Tea bags help fight foot odor


It’s a complex issue that depends on multiple factors: the materials of your shoes are often the prime cause for this, regardless of what you tell yourself. The texture and materials that make up the shoe’s internal lining greatly contribute to the building up of bacteria – which in turn make your shoes, and feet, stinkier and stinkier. That’s why, incidentally, your feet don’t smell the same in all shoes, and why some companies promoted anti-odor materials. But if you lack that type of shoe, rest easy – this teabag hack will help a lot with the issue at hand!

7. Ward off colds by applying Vapor Rub to your feet


If you fear showering late at night when it’s cold outside because you are wary of catching a cold, this method helps. In the morning, you’ll wake up feeling fresh and cold-free!

8. Menstrual pain can be relieved by using foot reflexology techniques


It’s an easy, risk-free and comfortable technique that can possibly help you too. In 2010, the Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research published a study claiming that women who attended regular reflexology therapy reported a reduced intensity of menstrual pain – than women who took ibuprofen. Hey, no harm in trying…

9. For a better fit, buy shoes in the evening


Or at least late afternoon. And it makes sense – your feet get their ‘real’ shape after having done some walking for a while. And you need your shoes to fit the working shape of your foot – not the resting one.

10. Take care to buy the right socks



Believe it or not, each type of sock serves a different purpose. Not all stores sell all kinds of socks, though, so you may need to do a little bit of research before you find what you need. Here’s a short list:

Some copper socks and so-called antibacterial socks help eliminate foot odor.
Certain socks that feature anti-friction materials help reduce blisters.
Other types of socks feature special padding in specific areas and offer protection: such as the toe and the heels.
Yet other types of socks are made from a stretchy material, which helps elevate and support the arch of the foot.

Well, that’s all for today’s lesson on feet! Be sure to do your homework…

From: top10homeremedies

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