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Top10 Celebrities With Weird Beliefs


We are used to seeing that a lot of the famous people have different beliefs. Anyways, some of them have really weird and bizarre ideas.

Maybe being eccentric is part of their personality, but some of these ten celebrities on the video will make us think, they have gone too far?  Some of their beliefs seem to be genuinely insane.

What else can you think if someone like Ke$ha is telling us that having sex with a ghost is possible? She claims that she had sex with a ghost in the form of a dark, sexual spirit and her vagina is haunted.

Or, did you knew that Emma Stone believes her grandfather is visiting her regularly in the form of a ghost and leaving her coins?

Everybody has a right to their opinion, but these Hollywood celebrities might want to rethink some of theirs. Check out the video and find out who is on the top 10 list and what are their beliefs?

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