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Topshop Announces Their New Bridal Collection


It seems that all seasons are wedding seasons lately, don’t you think? Which is cool, weddings are excellent, you get to dance, drink, eat cake and admire dresses. Especially the bridal dress.

Starting in April, Topshop will let loose their new line of bridal dresses. The five wedding dresses that they’ll offer will start at around a £520 ($650), and bridesmaids dresses starting at a somewhat more reasonable £128 ($160).

Actually, this is all reasonable, since the ones you have on your vision board are thousands of dollars.

Topshop Bridal Dresses 1

One of the five varieties that will be offered is pictured above. Frankly, it looks pretty good, and if I were spending £520 or thereabout on a wedding dress, I have the right to expect that it would look good.

Topshop’s line of dresses will hopefully make up for J.Crew pulling the plug on their bridal line this year.

The high street favorite follows in the footsteps of numerous affordable brands by introducing wedding wear.

If you’re a bride-to-be, be sure to watch out for the five bridal dresses and the numerous bridesmaids dresses hitting the shelves this April. They might fit in your budget perfectly and they’re gorgeous too.

Source: Topshop

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