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Tori Spelling Might Reach An Out Of Court Settlement With Restaurant Benihana Where She Suffered Third-Degree Burns In 2015


Tori Spelling’s courtroom trial in her lawsuit against sushi and Japanese steakhouse restaurant chain Benihana has been postponed until October, according to court documents obtained by The actress, who is suing the restaurant for the third-degree burns she suffered at one of their properties back in 2015, has agreed to attempt to mediate the case privately before it is set to go to trial this fall.

Spelling’s family Easter celebration at the restaurant two years ago took an unfortunate turn after 44-year-old Tori slipped and fell onto one of the open sizzling hot hibachi grills and scalded her right arm. Following the incident, she posted a cryptic message on her Instagram saying: “Perfect @Easter Sunday. Aside from the Benihana Burn!”


In 2015, Tori Spelling suffered third-degree burns during her family’s Easter celebrations at the Benihana restaurant in Encino, California


The 90210 star was hospitalized for third-degree burns on her right arm which required multiple surgeries


Initially, Spelling reportedly went home and tried nursing the injury herself, but by the following day she was in so much pain she went to her doctor who ordered immediate treatment at the Grossman Burn Center in West Hills, California.

The actress’ injuries required her to undergo multiple surgeries including debridement, staged surgical excision, skin grafting from her left thigh, multiple steroid injections under anesthesia, and additional medical treatment, court papers revealed.

The lawsuit claims the incident caused Spelling to rack up medical expenses, general damage, wage loss, and other unspecified damages. The restaurant, however, later fired back blaming Spelling for her own injuries due to her “failure to conduct herself as a reasonable guest”, demanding the suit to be withdrawn and her to pay their legal fees.


Benihana blamed the actress for her injuries saying she failed to conduct herself as a reasonable guest



Benihana is known for its hibachi-style of cooking which involves using large open teppan grill while customers eat around it. Spelling tripped and fell onto one of the stoves during a family Easter dinner in 2015.

Legal documents show the two parties have agreed to an early exchange of expert witness information so that the depositions of liability experts can take place before mediation.

According to Tori’s attorneys, the case has a great deal of discovery consisting of extensive written discovery and multiple site inspections at the restaurant. It also includes 15 separate depositions including the actress and other witnesses such as managers on duty on the day of the accident as well as her plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

The Los Angeles-born is asking for the trial date to be pushed back to October due to her and the restaurants representatives agreeing to attend private mediation after the competition of expert depositions in an attempt to reach an out of court settlement.

Spelling and husband Dean McDermott have five children: Liam (10), Finn (4), daughters Stella (9), Hattie (5), as well as the youngest son, Beau, who was born in March this year.

Last year the actress’ mother, Candy Spelling, 71, revealed that she is covering the majority of the bills for the McDermott family, including $9,500 rent on their Woodland Hills mansion, private school tuition for the kids, food, and ‘other necessities’.

Tori’s father, TV mogul Aaron Spelling died from cancer in 2006 aged 83. He left the bulk of his $600 million estate to his wife Candy, with Tori and her younger brother Randy, 38, each receiving around $750,000. In the years since his passing, however, the actress has reportedly lived beyond her means and has lost money through poor business decisions.

In April, the IRS levied Tori and Dean’s bank accounts, even draining one that belonged to Dean’s son from a previous marriage. Earlier this year also reported that Tori was hit with a $220,000 default judgment in the legal battle with City National Bank. Last November she was sued by American Express for $87,594.55 in fees owed on one of her platinum credit cards.


Spelling has lived beyond her means and has lost money since her father’s passing in 2006


Spelling pictured with husband Dean McDermott and his son Jack, 18, as well as children Liam, ten, and Finn, four, daughters Stella, nine, and Hattie, five


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