She’s Been Hiding Her Face For Years – Wait ‘Till You See What She Was Hiding


Toshi is an incredibly talented hairstylist and artist with an epic, unconventional style. She paints her face like a doll and has a fanbase among likeminded people.

Toshi says her looks often cause others to discount her genuine talents and treat her like a joke. In TLC’s ‘Love, Lust or Run’, Stacy London is the style guru that helps people see the errors in their fashion choices, by putting them through a “makeunder”. The point is that the participants let their inner beauty shine through.

Toshi says doesn’t know how to show that she’s a good and worthy person without dressing up — she has never let people see her without all of her makeup. “Taking all this away is so weird to me,” she admits.

And just wait until you see what’s been hiding under there.

Source:TLC , littlethings


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