A Tourist Has A Panic Attack And Faints After Breaking A Jade Bracelet Worth $44,000

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A tourist had the scare of her lifetime in a Chinese marketplace when she broke a jade bracelet she was trying on, only to find out it was worth roughly $44,000. The incident resulted in the woman fainting and her relatives having to pay damages although less than the sum initially demanded by the retailer.


According to reports, the woman was trying on a bracelet in a market located in the city of Ruili, located in the west of China on the border with Myanmar. It is believed the shopper had a panic attack and fainted when she discovered the price of the piece of jewelry after the bracelet slipped from her wrist, fell to the floor and cracked in two. It is not known whether the jade piece of jewelry was being stored in a display case before the incident.


The tourist fell unconscious in a relative’s arms before she was later laid on the ground so she could recover. In the meantime, family members offered the owners around $10,000 for damages, but the offer was rejected with the explanation that the sum would not even be enough to break even. After some bargaining, it is believed the woman’s relatives and the retailers settled for a price around the $25,000 mark.


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