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Chinese Tourist Jumps In A Panda Den To Impress His Fiends, Gets Attacked By A Giant Panda


Many people are animal lovers, and of course, they like visiting the zoo. But, they find it hard to resist the temptation to feed or go close to the animals, although it’s against the rules. It is also very dangerous. But, apparently, adrenaline took over this man in his twenties, who entered a panda den inside the south-east China’s Jiangxi province zoo. This tourist sneaked into a panda’s enclosure in an attempt to impress his two female friends. But, the 260lbs panda, Mei Ling, was not so happy about it, as he wrestled him to the floor after the man woke him up. A disturbing video on YouTube shows the unlucky event that happened in October last year, but shook the Internet just now.

Apparently, you can do dangerous stuff only to impress people. The man was having a zoo tour with two women. He then decided to show them his strength and courage and entered the panda house. Unluckily for him, he woke the slumbering animal and something terrible happened. The pair started rolling in the grass for a couple of minutes before the animal Mei Ling rolled over and the man managed to escape. The visitor, whose surname is Chen, was said to be unharmed. The medics examined him moments after the incident, The People’s Daily reported.

And if the animal lovers are asking what happened to Mei Ling, it turned out he was unharmed. Giant pandas, although they appear shy and harmless, can cause serious injuries with their sharp claws and teeth. Only if you irritate them, like this man did.

We obviously need to have more respect for animals, especially if they are asleep. Luckily for the man and the animal, neither was hurt, but the animal was obviously disturbed.

Source:New China TV

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