This Toy Soldier Performance Is Not Something You Want To Miss

Toy soldiers are a true symbol of the holidays, no matter whether they’re a children’s toy or a fun trinket to crack open walnuts. They just mean Christmas, right?

You’ve probably seen them in traditional movies like Babes in Toyland and the The Nutcracker. Also the most iconic performance that you will ever see will probably be the March Of The Wooden Soldiers where the soldiers are so amazingly dressed, and perform so magnificently, you’ll think they’re life size toys.

The video down below of the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes doing the famous march is amazing.

When the video begins we can see 36 striking performers in soldier uniforms standing upright where their movements are in perfect unison as they shuffle around the stage.

It makes you wish you were right there in that audience.


Not to talk about the music and atmosphere that gets your holiday mood from 0 to CHRISTMAS! in a second. The moves of the dancers are perfectly timed leading to the final scene; where the toy soldiers are shot by a cannon.

Of course that they are not actually shot but they do the most impressive move. Falling to the ground, all of them look like a row of dominoes being knocked over.

This part is definitely the highlight of the performance. Check it out down below and we promise you that if you love these cheery holidays dance numbers this one will be your new favorite. Enjoy!

Source: Tiphero