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10 Things From The ’90s That Cannot Be Explained By Anyone


I think we can all agree that for every normal, famous toy that we grew up with, there was at least one that entertained us with the funky thing that it did, but fast forward to today and we’re puzzled; how do they do it?

Here are 10 things from the ’90s that are shrouded in mystery thanks to what they do.

1. How did these spoons change color when they were dipped in water?

How these spoons changed colors in milk

2. How did this bird balance on your fingertip?

Just with a beak? I’m sure there’s some sort of crazy science to all of this, but I’m still baffled!

How this freaking bird balanced on your fingertip

3. What was the flavor of the White Mystery Air Heads?

What the hell flavor the Mystery White Airheads were (my guess was raspberry)

4. Trix didn’t taste like fruit

Despite.. looking like… fruit….

Why none of the Trix tasted like the fruit they looked like, or fruit at all

5. What actually made these Color Switchers switch?

What wizardry made these markers actually change color

6. How the heck did BloPens work?

How these crazy "pens" worked

7. How did these massive projection TVs fit into anyone’s home?

They were so huge!

How anyone ever managed to get these TVs into their house

8. The binder would eventually go like this

Why does it happen?

Why this would inevitably happen to your binder

9. These things were strangely satisfying to hold

What the heck were they even made of, though?

What these things were even made of

10. The teachers sounded like trumpets in this legendary TV series

But what were they really saying?

Source: CorgiAdventures

Can you think of any other stuff from the ’90s that you’re still puzzled by even to this day? Let us know in the comments!

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