12 Toys That Confused Us When We Were Kids

When you’re a kid you just seem to accept everything your parents tell you… even if those things sound weird and unreasonable. Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy are totally okay since (there’s the childish logic and stories behind them) but what about these toys?

Down below you can see 12 toys that definitely confused us back then and probably still do.

1. Putting the spoon in the cherry jar and it refills it? How is that possible?


2. I truly wish you the best luck figuring out how Furbies learned your language

Source: MGTracey

3. Eating the guts of a dissected alien? Why did we enjoy that?


4. Did you care about Mouse Trap past building the trap and setting it off?

Source: Terry Beck

5. The Troll dolls into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ripoff..


6. Why did we like the whooshing sound these tubes made?


7. They could at least make the Pixel Chix characters move between games.


8. The commercial was way better than the actual game.

Source: mcaaronice

9. Draining and refilling again.


10. These company made bubbles that wouldn’t pop, but why?


11. The sand became dry when you took it out of the water.


12. Who thought this was a good idea?! Seriously?


Well, one thing’s for sure. These were weird, but the truth is, either you wanted them, or you had them and had amazing fun with them.

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