Her Toys Disappeared While She Was Sleeping, But Here’s What The Hidden Camera Showed


Sound like a ‘ghost-caught-on-camera’ article doesn’t it. No worries, the results are far cuter.

An 8-year-old complained to her parents that her toys kept disappearing from her room, which sounded pretty odd, so her parents set up a camera with night vision.

Here’s the epic theft that was happening:

That’s Kyle Moser, who is now called the bedtime bandit. He really, like really wanted his sister’s unicorn pillow, so he waited until she was asleep and snuck across the hall to her room (the patience on him!). And just look how careful he is to be as quiet as possible!

At the end of this spectacular show, we watch him victoriously leave his sister’s room with the unicorn pillow.

Moral of the story: Get this tiny man a unicorn pillow!

Or else, we may see another breathtaking video of a robbery in the century.


Source:Joann Moser, Good Morning America


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