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If You Have One Of These 11 Traits, You’re More Likely To Have Twins

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Are you the type that freaks out when thinking about having twins, or is it something you’d love to deal with? True, twins are double the work and nerve-wrecking, but this also means double love, double joy and all in all double challenging, yet wonderful times. So, are you more likely to have twins or not?

You can’t just request twins, it’s something that comes naturally. And it might happen for someone who already has one, or more of these 11 traits.

1. Taller

A study published by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology has linked the birth of twins to women of above average height. The average height of an American woman is 5′ 4″, with the worldwide average being around the same. It’s not definitive that a woman taller than  5′ 4″ will have twins, but the research in this study found their chances increase exponentially.

2. African-American



This does not guarantee twins, but there are studies which have shown that African-American women are more likely to have twins than women of other races.

The study found that West Africans are ten times more likely to have fraternal twins than Chinese or Japanese mothers, with Caucasian women somewhere in the middle of the two. If an African-American woman’s family hailed from West African genes, then, this makes her more likely to give birth to twins as well.

3. On the Pill

While birth control is considered to be 99.9% effective at preventing pregnancy, that 0.1% left can not only mean pregnancy, but also twins. The hormonal mix of birth control can lead to hyper-ovulation and if you take the pill inconsistently, or simply fall in that 0.1% for a different reason, the chances for twins increase.

4. Heavier-Set

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In the same study that connected twins with taller women, the chance of heavier women having twins was also explored. Turned out that mothers with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or higher were a lot more likely to have fraternal twins. This of course does not guarantee anything, but the study did inspect the relation between the increased rate of obesity and the increase in twins worldwide.

5. You’re a Twin

This one you probably knew already. Heredity plays a big part in cases with dizygotic twins, or twins that aren’t identical.  So, if your mother, father, aunt or uncle were twins, or if you are, there’s a chance you will give birth to twins as well.


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