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Transform Your Husband’s Old Shirts Into A Beautiful Girl’s Dress

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If your husband has a lot of oversized shirts which are not trendy anymore – try this. You can quickly turn them into a gorgeous dress which looks like it cost a fortune. What is even more fantastic,  is that most of the parts are already sewn in for you on the shirt. Therefore you don’t need to start from scratch. You will only  deconstruct the shirt and construct the dress. You probably already have the supplies which you will need for this great beginners project.


This is what you will need:

  • an over-sized shirt
  • matching thread
  • a needle or sewing machine
  • scissors

If you have all these things you can begin by cutting the shirt and making the dress.


Lay the shirt on a flat surface and cut the patterns shown in the image above.


Then turn the top body piece inside out and sew the sides together.


Baste stitch 1/2″ to the edge along the pink line and grab the top thread and pull to gather the skirt. Sew the skirt onto the body piece.


If you have done the previous steps successfully then it means that the sleeves are next. Cut them out smaller to fit accordingly. Sew along the pink line and discard the bottom piece.


All  you have to do now is to attach the sleeves to the body piece and merge the unfinished seams.

Your daughter, niece, sister, or whoever, will love this dress especially knowing it was homemade!

Source:Life is Beautiful, shareably

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