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The Shocking Transformation of 26 Celebrities Who Couldn’t Care Less About It


When you think of celebrities, a perfect image comes to your mind, despite the fact you know that Photoshop can help their pictures become flawless. Some celebrities shine with their natural good looks, but over time, beauty fades, and personalities stay. Some celebrities used to be the sweetest and cutest people in the world, but something happened over the course of time. Watch their transformation shown in the following pictures:

1. Macaulay Culkin

He probably spent too much time home alone.


2. Melanie Griffith

At least the lipstick is still the same.


3. Eva Longoria

This pretty lady married for the third time in May 2016 and now looks happier and healthier. You go, girl!


Source:© Andy Kropa/Invision/AP/eastnews© PPE/Thorton/eastnews

4. Russell Crowe

Remember the handsome gladiator? He has turned into this big man now. Actually, he did that to change for a role: he gained almost 50 lbs for the movie, The Nice Guys. After that, he seemed to like this new figure and kept it.


Source:© eastnews© Life/Broadimage/eastnews

5. Nicole Eggert

Back in the day versus today!


6. Richard Gere

Time waits for no man.


7. Kelly Clarkson

The singer has managed to keep a good figure with exercise and diet. However, after getting married and having two children, her priorities changed. Kelly admits to feeling confident and happy despite the criticism.


Source:© AP Photo/Chris Carlson/eastnews© Euan Cherry/Photoshot/eastnews

8. Tyra Banks

She has her own business, raises a son, and does not seem to care about the fact she has gained some weight.


Source:© eastnews © Sthanlee B. Mirador/eastnews

9. Kelly Osbourne

Although she was never a slim girl, Kelly shocked everyone in 2013 when she lost over 40 lbs to fit into flashy dresses. However, this didn’t last long. She got tired of exhausting diets and is now happy to be herself.


Source:© Victoria Will/AP Images/eastnews© Frederick Taylor/Broadimage/eastnews

10. Axl Rose

This is a huge transformation, I must admit.


11. Kate Winslet

The English Rose is still looking good!


Source:© Nicolas Genin/ © Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/eastnews

12. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer has been ever sarcastic about diets and slimming. She obviously loves to eat.


Source:© Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/eastnews © eastnews

13. Kelly LeBrock

Hot and heavy.


14. Jennifer Love Hewitt

She became a mother of two and gained 20 pounds. This, however, does not upset her at all. Jennifer says she feels happier and more feminine than ever now.


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15. Pamela Anderson


16. Rob Kardashian


17. Kevin Federline

Big changes here.


18. John Travolta

Not so bad keeping up with his age.


19. Donatella Versace

Once hot, but now a bit quirky.


20. Vince Vaughn

Apparently talking fast doesn’t burn many calories.


21. Renee Zellweger

She looks like a completely new person to me!


22. Kirstie Alley

Chunky, but happy.


23. Vin Diesel

In 2015 someone got a shot of the actor topless…and the steel abs were gone. Vin was perfectly calm about it, though, and he got back in shape soon after.


Source:© AP Photo/Claude Paris/eastnews © Brett Kaffee/Thibault Monnier/eastnews

24. Jon Favreau


25. Adele

In 2015, Adele suddenly lost over 30 lbs; however, this didn’t last long, and she got back to her usual shape, going even further by creating her own plus-size clothing brand.


Source:© AFP Photo/Valerie Macon/eastnews© AFP/Niklas Halle’n

26. Edward Furlong




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