She Was Bullied About Her Weight All Her Life, In Just One Year Everything Changed


Honestly, this one has to be one of the most inspiring transformations I have ever seen. Summer was always the “big kid”. When she was only 4, she weighted 100 pounds. Can you believe it?’
Doctors told her that she was morbidly obese and if she didn’t change the way of living, she was probably going to die. But she couldn’t break her dangerous cycle. When she was 16 year old, she weighted 350 pounds.

Summer couldn’t fit in any seats or walk up stairs.

“I literally felt like the elephant in the room,” she says.

And of course that with the extra pounds she had, she was bullied constantly.

She was used to teasing and hearing jokes about her weight in front of everyone else. Even though she acted confident on the outside, she felt lower than ever on the inside.

In February 2014, she began isolating herself from the world and self-medicating. This was her last chance and she was ready than ever to make some big changes.

This is where Summer’s journey began and you will never believe how much she transformed over the years. She did everything naturally through healthy diets and living a active lifestyle. Along the way, her boyfriend joined her too in her daily workouts.


In the video below, you can see her transformation. Inspiration just in time for summer, right?

Video Credit: Day 1 Million / GoFundMe


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