The Transforming Makeover Of The Sophomore Pre-Med Student

The Transforming Makeover Of The Sophomore Pre-Med Student


Ambush Makeover Squad changes yet another person’s life with their ‘on point’ style transformations.

This time around, it’s a pre-med, sophomore named Libby from Xavier College in Colorado. She happened to be staying in New York with a group of students as they were all here on a spring break.

They were also there to support their basketball team.

Now, why is this makeover so important?

19-year-old Libby claims she hasn’t cut her hair in 5 years and doesn’t wear any makeup at all.

makeover 2

The team that was responsible for the makeover were stylist Louis Licari and Joe Morgan. They set out to change her styling and her hair.

Her friends were there with her in the studio, waiting for the outcome. Blindfolded.

What exactly happened?

Her hair length was kept the same, however, her color was not. Her hair was somewhat highlighted with some caramel coloring, she was dressed in a beautiful white leather jacket and is seen coming out from the backstage wearing high heels.

She is all smiles! She looks like she really enjoyed her new makeover!

makeover 1

As soon as her friends take off their blindfold and lay eyes on her, they all start screaming with joy!



It’s apparent that they find her new look fascinating!

makeover 3

She also didn’t have the chance to look at herself. She is allowed to look at herself for the first time in the studio where there is a mirror.

There is an apparent change in style! Here is a photo of her before and after.

makeover 4

She really is a gorgeous girl, makeup or no makeup. She is tall, has a great athletic body, a beautiful smile and really cheerful demeanor.

Of course, a makeover cannot possibly go wrong with her. On the contrary, it only magnifies her already beautiful features.

Tell me whether you like the hair! I find that that particular color suits her awfully well!

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