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Before And After Transgender Transformations


Below you have a list with 11 people who had transgender transformations and their before and after pictures!

1. Andrea Pejic

She was known as the first completely androgynous supermodel and today she is one of the most famous transgender models in the world.


2. Jamie Wilson

The musician Jamie Wilson transformed from a woman into a man after coming out as transgender.


3. Amelia Waltepe

Amelia is a transgender model, she was originally from a strict Muslim family in Bangladesh. Now she is aiming to enter Miss World.


4. Thalita Zampirolli

She is a transexual model from Brazil and she is 24 years old. Thalita is an Industrial Design student and model.


5. Balian Buschbaum

Balian was born as Yvonne Buschbaum who was a former female pole vaulter in Germany. In 2008 she had surgery to become a man.


6. Loren Cameron

Loren Cameron is a transgender activist, author and photographer. He now specializes in self-portraiture, particularly of his transition from female to male, lesbian and transexual bodies.


7. Carmen Carrera

She grew up in New Jersey and appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race as a man and was the show’s first openly transgender person. Wow!


8. Isis King

An American fashion model, actress and fashion designer. She was the first trans woman to ever compete on the show on America’s Next Model, bringing visibility to the issues of trans-gender people.


9. Lucas Silveira

She was a tomboy during her childhood. Now Silvera is a vocalist and guitarist for rock band called The Clicks.


10. Jenna Talackova

She is best known as a Canadian model and a TV personality. Jenna successfully waged a legal battle after she joined Miss Universe Canada.


11. Ryan Sallans

After having hormone therapy and surgical treatment, Ryan travels across the America as a transgender advocate and talks to people about what it’s like to be a transexual.



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