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11 People Tell Us About The Trashiest Weddings They’ve Been To

Trashiest Weddings

Weddings are usually described as “the most beautiful”, “the most romantic,” “the most fun,” yet here we are, talking about “the trashiest” of them.

Have you been to a wedding that falls into this category? Because apparently, some people never really got the idea that a wedding should be classy. They don’t even make it casual. They go straight for trashy. And there are witnesses here, with all the gory details.

Here are their replies, to the Reddit post that asked them:

1. daria420 said:

“My aunt married her third husband in a Waffle House in Atlanta Georgia. They chose the booth where Kid Rock was once arrested.”

2. pharmaSEEE said:

“Worked at a very high-end golf club in Seattle that regularly hosted expensive weddings. This Samoan wedding is probably my favorite:

-All the groomsmen were wearing lime green vests with matching lime green snapbacks

-The wedding party must order food from the restaurant at the golf club, as stated in the contract. They order Dominoes instead and the pizza guy literally brings these people pizza as they sit in a fancy restaurant.

-The bride and broom groom got into a fistfight right before the ceremony, delaying it a bit until bruises could be covered with makeup

-They hired a live band to play at the reception, but didn’t feed them. During their first break, the lead singer decides to zoom down the hill to grab some McDonalds for the crew. He is pulled over and arrested for drunk driving. His one call from jail: “I can’t play at your wedding anymore, I’m in jail.””

3. xeladragn told about the 4 minute ceremony:

“Easily my cousins, it was held in their side yard. Styrofoam stuff for the aisle, she was about half an hour late coming out of the house because they had to deal with some critter, and we had to bring our own lawn chairs to sit in. Ceremony lasted all of 4 minutes and we went home.”

4. ooohcoffee had a very unlikely erotic novel experience, but not in a good way:

“The best man screwed the groom’s mother between the meal and the dancing. The groom finds out and punches the best man, breaking his hand. The best man drives away and gets stopped by the police for drunk driving. Being a wedding photographer is awesome.”

5. GBWI with this horrible, horrible event:

“Rich french people where we didn’t know anyone and despite costing major coin, there were two tiers of invitees. Those that got orange juice peanuts for snack food and those that got the real shit, like champagne and finger sandwiches. The cocktail party was literally on two sides of a courtyard and people who didn’t get the champagne had to stay to one side.”

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