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13 Travel Hacks Airlines DO NOT Want You To Know

Travel Hacks

When you’re a kid, flying sounds so exciting, you know, the sky, the clouds, the nice people in uniforms giving you mini coloring books…

Yeah, not so much fun when you’re an adult. Suddenly you’re thoroughly checked through scanners, you’re aware of how crowded the plane actually is, and on top of that – no one is giving you coloring books, come on!

Anyway, there are hacks that can make flying a lot more pleasurable, even if you’re an adult. The internet’s packed with them.

In fact, Facts Verse, a Youtube channel with 2.5 million followers collected 13 of them in a video, just in time for you next trip.

For example…

1. You can bring your own alcohol.


All you have to do is make sure that the bottles are 100 ml or less and are kept in an 8×8 inch plastic storage bag.

2.You can ask to be upgraded.


Coach is crowded and mistakes can be made during reservations.

You’ll be surprised how often this works. When you come to the gate, just ask.

3. Carry an empty water bottle

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Water is way too expensive on a plane and you sure can’t get it through security. And you know how thirsty you can get on a plane.

Bring an empty bottle and fill it up in the terminal. Some airports even offer free filtered water. Just check the bathrooms.

4. Charge your phone in airplane mode


Go to ‘Settings’ and set your phone on Airplane mode. If you can find a place to charge it – great, because devices charge faster like this.

There are 9 more hacks to make your travel easier in the video below. Do you have any more hacks that you can share with the world?

So, now you know. And all of a sudden you’re looking forward to your next flight, don’t you? Remember that first hack and cheers!

Source:Facts Verse , tiphero

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