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If You Are Travelling For A Long Time, You Should Put a Coin In A Mug Of Ice In Your Freezer


Emergencies are unpredictable, you never know when something is going to happen. But it is time to have some practical knowledge on hand. Thanks to Ms. Sheila  Pulanco Russell from Lumberton, North Carolina, we can now take this easy, and feel a lot safer with some tips she shared with us.

“The One Cup Tip,” has three main elements which are, a quarter, a cup of water, and a freezer. Now you might ask what do these three have in common? Well, during times of evacuations, it is uncertain whether your electricity, amongst other things, will still be in tact. It depends on how long you will be away from home.

What about your refrigerated and frozen goods? How will you be able to tell how if they are still safe to eat? Thank God to Sheila, we have all the informations we need.


Source:Facebook/Sheila Pulanco Russell


1. Start by placing a cup of water in your freezer.

2. Then, freeze the water until it is solid, and  put a quarter on top of the frozen water. After that, return it to your freezer.

3. Leave it there.

What is this tip useful for?

It is actually very useful, since it tells whether it refroze or stayed frozen while you were away.

For example, if you get back home and find the frozen water melted and the quarter has fallen to the bottom of the cup, you have to throw out the food immediately. However, if the quarter is either on the top of the frozen cup or in the middle of the cup, then your food may still be okay.

As a general rule, if you don’t feel safe about your food, throw it out right away. Safety is a priority.


Source:Sheila Pulanco Russell, shareably

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