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Travis Scott Thinks That Kylie Is Better In Bed Than Kendall


Guys can be really… guys sometimes. And no matter the status, from young to old, from nobody to celebrity, they’ll always have unsolicited opinions on girls they’re interested in.

On that celebrity note, this guy’s comment made headlines. The 25-year-old rapper, Travis Scott didn’t think that through when he compared sisters Kendall and Kylie based on their performances in bed.

Wow. Just wow.

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Sister, Sister!


A lot of guys think that if they hook up with two girls who are sisters, they totally scored. Even though Travis Scott is in his newfound romance with Kylie Jenner, 19, we kind of forget that he used to have a flair with older sister, Kendall, 21.


Kendall’s relationship with Travis was more like a fling, and even though they were seen multiple places together last year, it was enough for him to get a read on how she performs in bed. Or at least, he spent enough time with her to be able to convince people that he had anything at all with her.


He hasn’t been shy to say what he thinks about the Jenner’s performances in bed, a source tells OK!

The insider reported said, “He’s been boasting that Kylie’s way better in bed than Kendall and has more to play with, but Kendall’s got more personality.”
Now, okay, we haven’t heard him say this, but this is never okay.

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If we can believe this source, Travis isn’t very serious about dating the Jenners. Seems that he talked about “trading up” to Kourtney soon as his goal is to get hands on all the Kardashian family too.

Yuh, because apparently, women wait in line for douchbaggery of this kind.


Her fans are also worried about Kylie’s  relationship with Travis as another source reported that Travis’s loose lips also had this to say: “Kylie’s so intent on replacing Tyga, she’s not realizing she’s making a dangerous mistake.”


One source told The Hollywood Life that Kylie and Travis are always getting it on. “They are having the best sex ever at all times of the day,” the source says.

How do people know these things?

“They are enjoying spending a lot of time together and they are actually learning a lot from each other too,” the insider revealed.


It seems like Kylie is really enjoying her time with Travis. The insider shared, “Kylie has never been more happy or secure than she is with Travis,” the insider explained. “She is never worried when Travis gets text messages that he could be sneaking a side piece behind her back the way she was often suspicious of Tyga… She feels like this is her first real, healthy relationship as an adult.”

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Source:The Hollywood Life

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