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Trick For Thicker Lashes


When you like to make first impression everyone will remember, having a bright radiant look with a focus on your eyes plays a big role. Using just mascara sometimes is  just not enough. Long and thick lashes are very important part of the makeup. To have such look there is no need to think about running to the closest shop for a pair of false eyelashes. There are tricks how to make your natural eyelashes to look longer and thicker.

You can use baby powder to achieve this.You will need to first apply mascara on your lashes. Sprinkle some baby powder on top. Before applying mascara again heat up your lash curler and apply black eye pencil on the claws. It will enrich the color of your lashes. Put some of the mascara once again when your lashes are curled.

For even better jaw dropping look use a black color apply it at the top waterline and on the top side of the lashes.  To do that is easier if you use a flat brush to apply the color  on the waterline. For the top side of the lashes use   pointy liner brush. Don’t forget to apply color between the lashes.  Finish your look with another coat of mascara.




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