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Tricks for more comfortable shoes



I have this problem, where I buy my shoes only because they look good, fashionable and not because they are practical or comfortable. So, lately I bought a pair of winter boots which had beautiful flat soles. You can imagine how slippery they are on snow or wet floors. Well, my butt know the best because it is the victim. Now, this is only an example and I am done with it. From now on, my only goal is to find shoes that my feet have a good time in. I want to share with you some trick I have been using that will make your shoes more comfortable. Take a look:
For slippery shoes simply scrape the shoe sole with sandpaper and this will lead to a better traction.

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If you have some trouble on balancing your body well on high heels, it can be caused because of your feet. Try this trick: stick the third and the fourth fingers together and secure them with tape. See the difference?


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