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Tricky Games Are Very Challenging But I Bet You Can’t Pass This One

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Tricky games are the best games!

There are a lot of games out there that are very challenging but we know that tricky games and illusions get our attention the most. We are trying so hard to challenge our inner self and figure out what’s going on in the game. Often, we are left watching the comments and learning the real answer behind it.

This game is something similar to those, in fact, it is pretty frustrating but fascinating. The game starts off like just a game, but the more you play it, the more you will feel lost and determined to beat it.

No matter how hard you try, you will have a lot of trouble figuring it out.

“The Prediction” game is a mathematical puzzle that even though it seems like a simple guessing game, believe me, it is far from it. Inspired by the “recreational mathematics” of the early 20th century, this video was carefully crafted with grid-based formula.

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The creator of this game is Professor Richard Wiseman and he thinks that every time players think they have outsmarted the game, they are miscounted. But of course, this doesn’t stop viewers from trolling him in the comments.

This test has been posted on YouTube for some time now and has racked up more than 9 million views. I wonder how many of them were repeat visits? I definitely replayed it a few times.  You can play the video in the video down below and see if you are wiser than the Wiseman.

Source:Quirkology , littlethings

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