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These Triplets Got An Ultrasound Scan And Were On TV All At Once!


If growing up with a twin isn’t cool enough to imagine, what would it be like if there was one more person next to you two? Triplets are a big rarity nowadays, but it’s a miracle whenever it happens.

Here comes the science

According to Wikipedia:

“Identical triplets come from a monozygotic pregnancy, three fetuses from one egg. The most common set, strictly fraternal triplets, comes from a polyzygotic pregnancy of three eggs. Between these types, triplets that include an identical (monozygotic) pair of siblings plus a fraternal sibling are the result of a dizygotic pregnancy, where one zygote divides into two fetuses and the other doesn’t.”

How common is it?

Triplets are far less common than twins. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, accounting for only about 4300 sets in 3.9 million births, just a little more than 0.1%, or 1 in 1000. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine says, only about 10% of these are identical triplets: about 1 in ten thousand. Nevertheless, only 4 sets of identical triplets were reported in the U.S. during 2015, about one in a million. According to Victor Khouzami, Chairman of Obstetrics at Greater Baltimore Medical Center, “No one really knows the incidence”.”

If you perhaps couldn’t be bothered to read all that, essentially it says there’s a 1 in 1000 chance to get pregnant with triplets, and only 0.1% of American women actually get pregnant with triplets. So yeah, it’s definitely a rarity. You really would be one in a million.

triplets 1

Even though I wasn’t born with a twin at my side, I sometimes imagine what it would be like, and you probably do as well. I mean sure, we all have that one friend that we have literally everything in common with, and we’re just like “OMG LIKE WE’RE TOTALLY TWINS *wedding ring emoji* *heart eyes emoji*”. Well, I’m talking about actually growing up with an actual biological twin.

Playboy Playmate models and triplets Nicole, Erica and Jacyln Dahm were so close, that they actually all expected their first children at the same time! Now that’s the epitome of siblingship (that’s a word now, shut up) right there.

In October of 2009, the 39-year-old trio appeared on The Doctors, and they all got ultrasound scans in the same room at the same time, in front of a live audience!

triplets 4

Their children weren’t even born yet, and they had already appeared on television. I wish I could say that about myself.

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The girls have appeared on the show several times, produced by Jay McGraw who, interestingly, is actually Erica’s husband. Also interesting is that Jay is actually the son of none other than… Dr. Phil!

Their children were all born around early 2010. Their appearance on the show several times was due to some issues that they had while carrying.

This is definitely a cool story that they’ll be telling their kids when they’re older. I assume they already have since their kids are about to turn 7 quite soon. Check out the video below to see the results that they got!

Source:The Doctors

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