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There Are Troll Hats Now And Kids Are Loving Them


Kids have loved playing with them, and they loved seeing the 2016 Trolls movie. And some parents went crazy about it, too. Trolls is an American 3D computer-animated musical romantic comedy adventure film based on the Troll dolls. Directed by Mike Mitchell and released on October 8, 2016, the movie was a huge success and such fun for people who watched it. But, here is another fun fact. Now, you can buy yourself a troll hat, too! Would you like to make your kid look adorable, just like Troll dolls? Living happily and always singing, Trolls are so fun to watch, and these hats will bring their magic to your kid, too!

If your kid loved Princess Poppy, this is the right choice for you. Grab one and watch your kid go crazy happy.


Source: Etsy | LittleDuckieBoutique

If crochet isn’t your thing, here’s another style. I’m already thinking about a Halloween costume and I can’t wait!


Source: Etsy | ThePurplePumpkinShop

If your kids do not love Princess Poppy, don’t you worry. There is a perfect match for them, too. Harper fans of the rainbow and bright colors can enjoy this hat instead.


Source: Etsy | LittleDuckieBoutique

If you were the fan of the grumpy and only-one-not-singing Branch, you will love this hat! And the part where he gets his color back is probably your favorite scene, too!


Source: Etsy | LittleDuckieBoutique

Were you in love with Smidge’s deep voice and the way she would do her long light-blue hair? Yes, we sure did love Smidge.

The tiny Troll was not so tiny after all because she could do almost anything with her voice. And now, your kid can become a Smidge, too! Look at this cute hat!


Source: Etsy | LittleDuckieBoutique

For those who have been stuck in the world of Trolls, these hats are a must!


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