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Five Amazing DIY Lip Balm Recipes By Troom Troom

Five Amazing DIY Lip Balm Recipes By Troom Troom

Lip balm is an important item that girls (and sometimes boys) have with them. They’re mainly used by people who have sensitive lips and they want to prevent them from turning into a crusty mess.

You can buy lip balm from any store, but if you want to take things just a step further, Troom Troom has a few DIY lip balm recipes for you!

If you are perhaps feeling just a little bit more creative, and you want to make some sort of crazy decorated or flavored lip balm, Troom Troom has got you covered.

They have lined up 5 different DIY lip balm recipes, that are all different and unique, making sure your little EOS lip balm stands out the next time you open it up in front of your friends.

The first one features a cute little red heart in the middle.

Lip Balm Recipes 1 from troom

The second one has an adorable white teddy bear in the center

Lip Balm Recipes 2 from troom

This third one will be a favorite amongst many: a Nutella flavored lip balm that actually contains real Nutella!

Lip Balm Recipes 3 from troom

This next one is an ordinary lip balm turned pearl white chocolate lip gloss.

Lip Balm Recipes 4 from troom

An amazing pink lipstick that also has a recognizable taste of white chocolate? What’s not to like?

And finally, this beautiful red bubble gum lip gloss.

Lip Balm Recipes 5 from troom

These are some truly wonderful custom lip balm recipes. We think that you should definitely give at least one of these a try. If you want to, then definitely give the video a watch.

Source:Troom Troom

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