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British Truck Driver Makes People Smile With His Strange, But Hilarious Tattoo Of A Tiny Man


Tattoo art has become a big trend nowadays and it’s getting harder and harder to find anyone who hasn’t been inked yet. The culture has gotten even more mainstream and popular in the recent years, and we might expect for a greater percentage of tattooed people in the near future. Some people, on the other hand, despise tattoos, and tattooing is not art for them. Other, though, constantly seek for new and inventive ways to put ink on their bodies and become unique. They can go as far as telling visual jokes with their tattoos on their bodies. The result is either hilarious or weird.


In their endless quest to attain a tattoo that’s downright unique, enthusiasts have gone to extreme lengths to modify themselves. Some people cover their entire skin, some make them invisible, some have it like a routine. Others employ facial tattoos and creepy markings in order to give themselves an intimidating appearance.

But for some, this is the weirdest tattoo ever! A truck driver from the North of England has posted images of his new self-devised tattoo on social media. You need to look at it twice to find out what it looks like. Be warned, though, you might laugh out loud, but you might as well roll your eyes.


Cumbrian trucker Kenny Ollerenshaw decided to do a weird chest tattoo. It looks like his head is gigantic and attached to a tiny half-naked body which is seemingly driving a go-kart. The 36-year-old father-of-one, who hails from Silloth, says that he loves his “interactive” tattoo. Apparently, his tattoo moves along with him.

“He thought it was cool but I wasn’t expecting it to go viral, it’s all gone a bit mad and my son has told my mum that I’m famous,” he stated for the media. “I keep looking at it in the mirror and thinking it’s just crazy. You should see what happens when I tense my pecs. My family are all on board with it. The way I look at it is if people don’t like it then they don’t have to wear it.”


Tattooist Richard Batey is the man responsible for the tattoo. He explained: “It’s the first of its kind in the world. I have a good mechanical understanding from working in the car industry. When Kenny came in he was up for having this done as a chest piece. The result is just the start. There’s a long way to go.”

Batey added, “It has 1.1 million views and 2million likes on Facebook – and it isn’t even finished yet. It’s what I’d call an interactive tattoo and it’s more of a shocker than anything else. It’s got the ability to make an entire room of people smile and laugh and get them talking.” He has a point, indeed, as this tattoo makes people smile!


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