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The True Reading of The Tattoo “I’m Fine” Revealed As She Stands Up


A university professor chose a very unique and useful method to serve her students as a guide in the painful process of suffering in silence, as she has been struggling with depression.

Dr. Kristina Kays, a Clinical psychologist from the George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon, did something outstanding when she decided to share her personal suffering with her students. “I decided a few years back that it was something that would be important for my students to know,” she said. “That it wasn’t just other people, but it’s people they know and there is a way out,” she said to explain her decision.

Bekah Miles, one of Kays’ students was going through her own tough times, when she heard her professor speaking to the class about her problem, she realized she was not alone.

Miles, a junior student at the George Fox University, was diagnosed with depression.

“I didn’t want to be afraid of it anymore and I didn’t want it to control me,” explains Miles. Dr. Kays was the one who helped her speak out loud about depression.


Miles reached out to Dr Kays and now she says that her professor, “helped me find the right help that I needed.”


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