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These Bangs Styles Are SO Tumblr


When a girl decides to do a haircut, she is ready to change and this is completely true especially when it comes to bangs. But cutting bangs takes courage and a sense of adventure. Because it’s a risk. It’s like going Indiana Jones on your hair.

Maybe you don’t have the right face construction or you’re just not that type. Maybe you’re petite and the bangs would take up half of your face.

Alina Nicolae shared a very useful tutorial on her YouTube channel, based on no heat hairstyles. Most of them are super easy to make which contain making braids, buns, ponytails and bobby pins of course.

Waterfall Braids


Bobby pins


Low bun


Messy pony tail


Alina has over 28.000 subscibers on her channel and people usually love her tutorials:

“This is the best tutorial.”

“This girl could do anything with her hair and still look like a fairy.”

Are bangs your next step?

Source:Alina Nicolae

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