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A Turkish Design Studio Turns Children’s Drawings Into Amazing Jewelry


A Turkish design studio has cracked the code at creating original, yet unpretentious artwork. How you may ask? By involving children and their drawings.

Istanbul-based Tasarim Takarim Studio gets their clients to send in artwork drawn by their children and then turn the designs into enchanting jewelry which remains cherishes childhood memories. The studio was founded by two artists after they graduated from university; their experience in other art disciplines such as lithography, etching, and silk-screening has provided them with the foundations for moving into crafting jewelry.

“We believe that children’s art is the most important building block of the creativity. And appreciation of the children’s drawing is the best way to support them. We are applying the kids drawing to unique & precious jewelry every day with more love and joy,” it says on the Turkish studio’s official website.

Here are some of the most enchanting works created by the studio which remain invaluable milestones in a person’s life as they grow up, as well as in their family’s history.

1. Footprints in time


Source: Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

2. Pretty kitty


Source: Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

3. Family first and forever


Source: Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

4. The (Self) Portrait Of An Artist As A Young Woman


Source: Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

5. The eyes of a six-year-old


Source: Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

6. An idea is the beginning of everything


Source: Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

7. Lose yourself to dance


Source: Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

8. Let memories take you away


Source: Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

9. Who are you?


Source: Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

10. Everywhere you go, always take your memories with you


Source: Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

11. Ride into the sunset


Source: Instagram | @tasarimtakarim

12. Don’t let go and don’t look back


Source: Instagram | @tasarimtakarim
Main image via Instagram / @tasarimtakarim
Collage images via 1. Instagram / @tasarimtakarim 2. Instagram / @tasarimtakarim 3. Instagram / @tasarimtakarim

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