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They Turned The Wasted Space In Their Foyer Into A Much-Needed Loft

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Source:Apartment Therapy via NX2

So people, let’s be honest here. Everyone of us struggles with space at home, things are just too crowded. But it is time to organize stuff and put it to work.

They say, only when you are in dire need that invention comes. In this case, the invention is called Angie. All she wanted was for her daughter to have more place to play, but that was a little hard living in a two-bedroom townhouse. One day she had a brilliant thought, why not turn the foyer into a loft?

Think about it. I mean, this is the best idea ever. Angie figured out a way to see where a room should be inside. The foyer already had three walls available so why not make a floor and turn it into a loft? Just look at these pictures.


This foyer, in particular, is small enough that there’s plenty of support for a floor.


Apartment Therapy explains:

Her husband and father-in-law decided to bring this idea to life. Now Angie and her daughter can spendmore time together, and play all day long. The construction started with building a secure base. Then, the only other steps were to install the flooring, and then put up a safety rail that matched the railing of the existing staircase. The result? A loft that looks like it should have been there all along.  Look at the pictures below:


Such a natural progression.


Adorable! What do YOU think of this home improvement project? Are you already inspired?

Source:Apartment Therapy via NX2, tiphero

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