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8 Times A TV Show Recycled The Same Actors


It happens sometimes that on a TV show an actor gets replaced for whatever reason, from being sacked to schedule conflicts, to simply not wanting to continue with the same role. But, sometimes the same actors appear on the same show in a completely different role. It’s been done so many times, and you probably have never even noticed. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this list, compiled by Diply.

1. Hayden Panettiere

The American actress played different parts on police procedural and legal drama Law and Order: SVU. This show has reused the same actors quite a few times, but it’s hardly surprising, what with having so many storylines.

Her first appearance was in Season 2 episode “Abuse” when she was just a little girl.


Source: Law and Order Wiki

Then the second time was in Season 6 and she had grown up so much! She’s practically unrecognisable.


Source: Law and Order Wiki

2. Queen Latifah

According to Queen Latifah herself, it was thanks to Will Smith that she got her first role on TV in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In fact, he gave her two roles.

The first episode she appeared in was “Working It Out” in Season 1. Queen Latifah played a bossy actress.


Source: YouTube | jrodnil

The next time we saw her was in Season 2 in an episode called “She Ain’t Heavy,” where she played Will’s blind date, Dee Dee.


Source: Tumblr | freshprincesubs

3. Nelson Franklin

Nelson Frnklin’s character Nick, the IT guy lasted for several episodes on The Office. But that was not the first time he had a role on that show.


Source: Tumblr | sarcastic-clapping

His first role was in fact that of a graphic designer in the episode “Job Fair.” His name wasn’t actually revealed so it might have been the same character after all.


Source: Tumblr | Fanpop

4. Daniel Jacobs

Probably you don’t remember Cory’s little brother, Josh, in Boy Meets World. He first appeared in the Season 7 finale and was played by Daniel Jacobs, the son of the show’s creator, Michael Jacobs.


Source: YouTube | megan b

It is hardly surprising that the creator would give his own son more than one role in his show.

In fact, Daniel played a creepy little boy who claimed he could see dead people, when Cory and Topanga moved into the dorm for married couples.


Source: YouTube | Emile Lopez

5. Giovanni Ribisi

Giovanni Ribisi played Phoebe’s brother Frank Buffay Jr. on Friends. It seems impossible that we missed his first appearance on the show, but we did.


Source: Tumblr | relatablefriends

We first saw Giovanni back in Season 2, where he was credited as “Condom Boy.” He accidentally dropped a condom in Phoebe’s guitar case while she was singing outside the coffee shop.


Source: Tumblr | friendsonnetflix

6. Ian Whyte

Ian Whyte didn’t just have two roles on the same show, he had five.

On Game of Thrones, the most recognisable character he played was probably Wun Wun, the giant who suffered a tragic death. But Ian’s first role was a White Walker in the first episode, “Winter Is Coming.”


Whyte also played The Mountain, before being replaced by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. He’s also portrayed Dongo the Giant and, most recently, a wight giant in Season 7.


Source: YouTube | GoTSeason2

7. Justin Theroux

Justin had two roles on Sex and the City. The first was in Season 1, Episode 7, “The Monogamists,” where he was called Jared. He was Stanford’s friend who got his flirt on with Carrie.


Source: YouTube | MsMojo

He returned in the second season, when he was a fiction writer called Vaughn Wysel.


Source: YouTube | MsMojo

8. Dean-Charles Chapman

You know Dean-Charles as Tommen Baratheon, but before that he had another brief appearance on Game of Thrones.


Dean-Charles played Martyn Lannister back in Season 3. His character, along with his brother Willem, were captured and killed just because of their last name.


Source: YouTube | Tabby Kitty

Have you noticed any other actors perform different roles on the same show? Which ones? Tell us in the comments!

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