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30 Tweets From People Who Unfortunately Got Caught


A lot of you think that you’re sneaky, and you’re simply too good to get caught in the act of the naughty thing that you’re doing. But not so fast, hot shot. Thanks to the power of the internet, anyone can get caught, regardless of how well they think they’ve hidden themselves.

Just, try not to get caught like these 30 people did.

1. Is he part of the Flat Earth Society?

Welp, now she's got herself in a bit of a pickle.

Source: Twitter | @host17e

2. I think people should learn their lesson

You can’t hide anything you do if you use Snapchat.

Why does Snapchat have to do us like this?

Source: Twitter | @_HotCrossBuns

3. The gift that keeps on giving!

Dude, always have a plan B in place before you leave the house.

Source: Twitter | @banet90

4. How do you even get this to happen?

 How? How did this even happen?

Source: Twitter | @NoTaco4YOU

5. Seems reasonable

Hey, if you can't have fun with it, then life is just no fun.

Source: Twitter | @zesty_fallon

6. Oops

But wait... where was his dad calling from?

Source: Twitter | @wynnelliott1235

7. You really shouldn’t be there

 This either made for an instant close bond with his boss or an immediate termination.

Source: Twitter | @elmikiwi

8. Not the brightest idea in the world, to be honest

If you're going to be a dirty liar, at least be a good dirty liar.

Source: Twitter | @careonair

9. Imagine the look on the mother’s face

 This is one of the worst cases of bad timing ever.

Source: Twitter | @HillyTwinky

10. Not the best place to hide

Find somewhere else. If you haven’t been fired already.

Girl, maybe you should just try and get that eight hours per night instead.

Source: Twitter | @alimysiorek

11. Doing laundry is hard, so you need energy

This is me, always.

Source: Twitter | @XxBaby_Ella

12. What exactly is wrong with watching Friends, though

That’s what I wanna know.

Aren't we all?

Source: Twitter | @c_thomas17

13. Does the boss have a Snapchat?

I mean, can't we all just fall asleep at work with no consequences?

Source: Twitter | @Not_Ur_Wifey

14. Good job

I mean, she did have it coming.

Source: Twitter | @jen_waggoner

15. It’s time for an argument

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is every smack talker's worst nightmare.

Source: Twitter | @JHickle5

16. Never forget your things

Well, this is a quick turn of karma, isn't it?

Source: Twitter | @sillykatiam

17. As you can see, girls work really quickly

This has been all of us at one time or another.

Source: Twitter | @Ardi________

18. Let’s hope it wasn’t something… NSFW

 Let's hope it was a G-rated video.

Source: Twitter | @morrisliam

19. Time to buy someone a new bucket of popcorn

JK, this is instant karma.

Source: Twitter | @Ginganic

20. Imagine the robotic voice saying that out loud

Probably followed by the boss saying “Meet me in my office after this”

I am screaming.

Source: Twitter | @HotByZiggy

21. This kid has the right idea

Actual quote from my future child.

Source: Twitter | @WichitaKat

22. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit

I am gagging. What a literal nightmare.

Source: Twitter | @ma_ridgely

23. Oh hai stranger

As if public selfies weren't potentially awkward enough.

Source: Twitter | @KassieL_Brown

24. Jimmy Fallon?

We didn’t expect this from him.

This would be mortifying. Like, go crawl under a rock and hope no one ever finds you type of embarrassment.

Source: Twitter | @jimmyfallon

25. How does that even work?

At least she didn’t give out her own number though.

 The universe made sure the planets aligned on this one.

Source: Twitter | @2_drinkminimum

26. It’s something that admittedly most of us do

I'm still not used to this.

Source: Twitter | @desandefur

27. That should be interesting

Sooo, did she get busted? Or did she just hook up with him?

Source: Twitter | @MelaninMakeupx

28. I can just see the look on their faces

Literally my biggest fear ever.

Source: Twitter | @fjsasham

Have you ever been caught in the act of doing something while no one should have been looking? Tell us your stories in the comments!

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