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12 Mysteries In Life Even Sherlock Holmes Would Have Trouble Solving


Life is full of mysteries and that’s what makes it interesting. And we are not talking about crime scenes or conspiracies, either! Most of the mysteries we encounter are far more mundane than that, but fascinating nevertheless.

Today, we are looking at a gallery compiled by Diply with images that might haunt you for days and nights, such is their irrelevant inexplicability.

1. This mysterious case of the disabled security camera


Source: Imgur | electricbugalooii

2. For as long as mankind has gazed upon the overwhelming might of nature itself, we’ve asked the question, “Yo, does that thing poop or what?”


Source: Imgur | attilakn

3. The case of the eternally-tangled earbuds


Source: Reddit | scotti182

4. Everyone seems to like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but we are all wondering if he will ever accomplish his one true goal.


Source: Reddit | heskeytime

5. The case of the $5 secret sausage at Price Chopper


Source: Reddit | Tummy_Tum_Tum_Tums

6. Whoever heard of a ramen sandwich? Is that a new hipster thing? That’s one fitting end to such an insult to the art of the sandwich


Source: Reddit | ol_hargy

7. The case of the deceptive drink. Who knows what other juices this lemonade could contain?


Source: Reddit | abeth

8. The case of the outlawed Oreos. It’s unclear what “recent events” took place that would call for the banishment of such a well-loved treat. Intriguing.


Source: Imgur | Tezuni

9. The case of how you really get a “cowlick” explained once and for all


Source: Reddit | gingerage108

10. Whatever’s going on at Taco Bell, if it alerted both the Scooby-Doo gang and the Jurassic Park team, it’s bad!


Source: Imgur | flaversham

11. Perhaps the birch tree just wanted to watch a baseball game?


Source: Imgur

12. What’s that mysterious curved yellow fruit? Maybe the sign was written by an East German who time-traveled from 1988 to a modern-day American supermarket


Source: Reddit | GIJesus
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