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Cute Twins Babies Having A Marshmallow Party

Cute Twins Babies

Really though, aren’t babies the best creatures on earth? Baby videos are as famous as animal videos these days, I mean who doesn’t want to watch thirty seconds of pure happiness to start their day?


Watch these two bald twin babies start filling up their mouths with marshmallows. Yum Yum. Don’t worry, their dad is there to watch them every step.

The video starts with one of the twins getting a bag of marshmallows from the kitchen and then their dad opening it for them. Then the other twin joins the party.


Dad will put the marshmallows on a plate and they will immediately stuff them in their mouths. There’s no discussion, the twins are really enjoying the white balls of gooey sugar.


When the plate is clear, they clap their hands and then want more. The twins are now very famous and a lot of people are loving, sharing and laughing at this video:

“I love how smart these two are. Stripes bangs on the plate and is like hurry up and put those marshmallows here!!”

“I never want to have kids, but I love how babies react to the simplest of things in life: they are so innocent and adorable.”

“I heard clearly. She said “WE LOVE THEM” hahahahahaha.”

“Omg how are babies even real!? They are too freakin cute to exist!!!”

“I wanna have twin babies like those cute little two.”

“One of the most endearing and best baby videos ever.”

Press play on the video to see them enjoying their sugary antics.

Source:All Boys But 9, awm

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