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The Twins From “Full House” Are Very Hot Now


Hey people, there are some things you should learn now. Have you ever watched the first season of Fuller House on Netflix? Well if you haven’t there are two reasons to start: Nicky and Alex.

It is played by real-life twins, Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit. They do such  a good job in the show it is very hard to forget them. But now, we have even a bigger reason. The are so hot.

Let’s just say they’ve grown up a lot since then, and Lori Laughlin, the actress behind Aunt Becky, recently posted a photo on Instagram to prove it. It is such a pleasure watching the characters grow, especially when they look like this:

Not so little anymore @zerowbe @dcchillinn Nicky & Alex #fullhouse #fullerhouse

A photo posted by Lori Loughlin (@loriloughlin) on

And just in case one season of the adult twins isn’t enough for you, they’re currently filming season two as we speak.


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