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A Romantic Selfie Terrified Twitter Before The Joke Was Understood


A seemingly ordinary romantic selfie of a couple posing might have tricked you into scrolling past it uninterested, thinking it was no different to the thousands you have previously seen, but people who have thrown a second glance at the picture are rightfully terrified.

On first look, it really doesn’t seem like something that you would lose any sleep over, but if you take another look, you might spot an incredibly disturbing detail.

In the background of a couple that’s cheesily grinning at the camera, there is a mirror hanging on a wall. What might easily escape your attention if you’re not peeling your eyes, is that there’s a freaky face peering back at you from the mirror, at the place where the back of the girl’s head should find itself.

Although it might be horrifying at first, mediocre Photoshop skills become immediately apparent once you recover from the initial shock. The whole story starts making sense when the boyfriend’s caption declaring his love for the ‘gemini’ is taken into account.

“I love my girlfriend even if shes a gemini,” Andy wrote in the caption.

For those who haven’t been brushing up on their knowledge of the zodiac lately, a Gemini is known in astrology for being the ‘twin’ sign – having two faces.

Although it makes more sense when the context is taken into consideration, we remain undecided on what’s creepier: the initial shock, the couple’s idea or the fact that the post has been liked almost 100,000 times and received close to 50,000 retweets.

Here are some of the responses the couple received:


Reactions and comments have ranged from people being totally clueless about what the joke was, some who have saluted Andy for his idea and many who are still frightened out of their wits.

As Andy Warhol said, everyone will get their fifteen minutes of fame at some point, and Andy just got his. It’s now back to the drawing board and working on your Photoshop skills, Andy, as you’ll need more than a cropping tool to impress Twitter next time around.


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