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Twitter’s Hilarious ‘One Trip’ Challenge Has Already Gone Too Far


Sunday afternoons. Not a very pleasant picture in your mind, as it reminds you of grocery shopping. You, your bags, and one trip to the market. A real nightmare. Whether that’s bottled water, fresh fruit or just tons of Jaffa Cakes, your shopping is now in the trunk of your car, and it’s time to take it in. How do you do it? Is it worth having two or three trips or are you showing the world you are the strongest one bringing everything at once? It’s probably true you’ve attempted to do the second possibility, but were you successful? Twitter has a new challenge for you if you are the strong/stupid one. It’s meant to entertain you, so don’t end up getting hurt in the process!


How much can you take inside in one go? Inspire yourself with #OneTripChallenge and be a hero. Here are some of the toughest people taking on the challenge.

1. Would you rather die than make two trips to your apartment?


2. You would basically do anything just to bring everything at once.

This is a clever idea, indeed! Especially if you are visiting the gym very often.


3. Carrying water like a pro.

The laws of density makes carrying liquids insanely difficult, and if you don’t drink tap water, you are in big trouble.


That’s also pretty impressive!  Not only is he carrying back multiple packs of water, but he’s managed to squeeze in a ton of grocery bags. Dedication and practice!

4. Include your kids to have some practice, too!

It’s never too early to help.


Although Twitter just calls it an entertainment challenge, it is something we’ve been doing all our lives. But it’s good that we can share on social media, too!


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