I Am Confident That This Two-Faced Kitty Will Make You Go “Aww”

I Am Confident That This Two-Faced Kitty Will Make You Go "Aww" 1

Being two-faced is not a nice thing you can say about someone. But when it comes to Yana the cat, it’s not a bad thing at all.

The kitten, owned by architect designer Elizabeth who hails from Belarus has one part of it’s face ginger, the other part a black/brown-ish color. It looks like her parents ran out of ink!

Когда попробовала ёлку на вкус👅 #yanatwofacecat

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Elizabeth posts photos of Yana to a dedicated Instagram account, @yanatwofacecat, which as of May 2017 has almost 49k followers.

The markings on this cat are some of the most adorable and hypnotic you’ll ever see on any feline.

Смотрите какой пирожочек был маленький🐾🐾 #yanatwofacecat

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The captions on these Instagram posts are in what seems to be Russian, but you don’t need to be a lingo fiend to see how beautiful this cat really is.

Regardless, Yana is an utterly fabulous cat, and the whole world has fallen head over heels in love with her.

“Ты тренировалась весь год, распутывая наушники, теперь я вижу, что ты готова к главному испытанию. Вот, держи, это новогодние гирлянды.”- Сказал мне мистер М, взявшись за фотоаппарат. Ух, люблю я новогоднюю атмосферу🎉, суматоха🎊, подарки🎁, аромат лесной красавицы🎄 дома. Как обычно проходит ваша подготовка к новому году? 🐈Рассказывайте, будем знакомиться, столько новых друзей у нас🐈+👫 появилось💖💖💖 #yanatwofacecat

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She was apparently an orphan, too. Glad to see that she was adopted by a wonderful owner who has made her Instagram famous.

Носик сладенький спит🐽 #yanatwofacecat

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She was adopted in July 2016, which makes her almost a year old. She appeared on a classified ad, and that makes me sad that I wasn’t the one to adopt her first.

It wasn’t long before Yana found a new home and a new owner.

Long live Yana!


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