Two Girls Made Headlines After Being Spotted With Prince William

Two Girls Made Headlines After Being Spotted With Prince William


Thirty-year-old Rosie Peate and 24-year-old Sophie Taylor both made headlines after they were spotted spending time with Prince William.

Now how did this happen? Where was the Duchess of Cambridge? Is there any room to suspect adultery?

Not at all! Turns out, Prince William is quite the gentleman and this was a friendly night out!


Prince William was spotted in Switzerland this weekend on a boys-only ski trip. He decided to stop by the Farinet nightclub in Switzerland. Sophie Taylor was working that night.

Another colleague of Taylor’s is miss Rosie Peate, a 30-year-old former beautician from Blackpool, Lancashire. She works during the winter season in Switzerland, over at a hotel in Verbier and the Farinet nightclub. During the summer season she works at the Spanish island of Ibiza.

It so happened that that night they hit a homerun, when they both ended up accompanying the Duke of Cambridge and his friends on their night out.

It’s not quite sure how they ended up part of the entourage, but so it was.

Despite popular belief and evil minds, Sophie Taylor’s boyfriend was here to clear the air.


He is also one of the staff over at Farinet nightclub. Aaron Goodfellow is a bartender and chef who was working from behind the bar that night and was aware of the whole event taking place.

Aaron was absolutely ok with his girlfriend having a friendly drink or two with the Prince. He even wrote her a text saying;” Go out, you’re with Prince William, have the best time. I wish I could be there, but I’ve gotta go to work.”


He issued a statement to The Sun saying that he was a ‘great guy’ and a ‘very down to earth person.’

Rosie Peate is also in a relationship, that is, she is engaged to a guy called Aly Bootle, and they both live together in the Swiss resort.

She appeared on a picture enjoying a lunch with both Prince William and model Sophie Taylor.


This is certainly a night that they will remember!


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