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Charlie’s House Keeper From “Two And A Half Men” Is Now 73 Years Old


Whenever you were having a hard day at work, you could switch on the TV when you came back and have a good laugh with “Two and a Half Men”. Do you remember how awesome it was? The show had an amazing cast and it was probably what made the show such a massive success.


We’ll always remember the awesome main characters, but one of my favorite characters was Berta (Charlie’s housekeeper). She did an amazing job, I mean I just couldn’t get enough of her. Actually, Berta was played by Conchata Ferrell who has had an acting career for more than 4 decades.

She is from Charleston, West Virginia and has a degree in social studies, did you know?


She first started acting in the Circle Repertory Company appearing in the original Broadway cast of Lanford Wilson’s ‘The Hot L Baltimore.’

She’s gorgeous.


One of her biggest success was her role in the film “Heartland” where she starred as a housekeeper. Do you remember?


This woman has worked very hard from a young age and she is absolutely an amazing part of the acting community. Berta also starred in ‘Mystic Pizza’ alongside Julia Roberts. Adorable!


But mostly, she is known for her role in “Two and a Half Men” as the housekeeper.  She cashed $150,000 per episode and her net worth is around ten million dollars. Wow!


Berta also has been in the movie “Krampus” after starring in “Two and a Half Men”.


I honestly can’t wait to see new stuff from her.


What about some of her lines?

Charlie Harper: ‘Bertha, how long have you been working for me?’

Bertha: ‘Define working.’


‘Alan. Got a riddle for you. What’s short, sticky, picky, and only supposed to be here on the weekends? I’ll give you hint; it’s your kid.

Do you wonder how she looks now?


Can you believe she is 73? Yet, she is not showing signs of slowing down. A true legend.

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